Jennifer Lopez suffered from depression in confinement

She has it all: beauty, money, health, success, and yet … Jennifer Lopez is no exception and admitted to having had depression during confinement.

In a Spanish interview with Washington DC’s El Zol 107.9 (WLZL-FM) station, the star recounted having a “really bad time” that turned into depression.

“During this pandemic, I think everyone had a moment of depression, or we all feared at one point what could happen,” she said.

“I had a lot of times where I felt really bad. My children too. Everyone at home … “

However, she fought her depressive symptoms by forcing herself to get up in the morning, even on days when she was not going at all.

“Do some training at home. Do something that will make you feel good. Cook something you like, give yourself a shake, ”she advised.

Asked about her children, she explained that the isolation at home was also heavy for them, reports the MailOnline.

“There was a time when Emma, ​​my daughter, came up to my bed and was crying, ‘why is this happening? I miss my friends! ”” She revealed.

However, she is grateful to be in good health and in good company, despite the crisis.

“Sometimes you have to live these moments and you have to stay strong and grateful because we are privileged,” she explains of her family. We have our health, we are together, we have love, ”she concluded.

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