Florida deserted by Quebecers

The month of November is usually marked by the massive arrival of Quebecers in Florida, but this year, COVID-19 obliges, the American state is shunned by snowbirds.

“It has nothing to do with other years,” Marie Poupart, journalist in Florida, said Wednesday during an interview with LCN.

While some Quebecers have arrived thanks to car and RV transport companies that drag their vehicles while they are on the plane, the occupancy rate of hotels and mobile home parks is dropping this year.

In Hollywood Beach, for example, Marie Poupart observes that there are no, or very few, Quebeckers.

“On the beach, there aren’t many people who speak French. I haven’t seen many plates from Quebec and I don’t see any in shopping centers, ”she said.

Mobile home parks

The absence of Quebecers is particularly felt in the many mobile home parks which are usually very frequented by snowbirds who arrive with their RVs.

“At the Estate of Fort Lauderdale park, there are 20 Quebecers who arrived in 2000 on the same date,” maintained Marie Poupart.

The journalist notes a similar situation at the Park Lake Estate where 30 snowbirds are installed on the 600 normally arrived on the site at this time of the year.

Pembrooke Park also experiences a similar attendance rate.

The happiness of real estate brokers

If the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others, Quebec real estate brokers in Florida are doing business in gold.

“Real estate agents have never made so much money,” said Marie Poupart, who reports that 800 to 1,000 people a day move to Florida.


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