Finish Fragile in finesse

There are playoff finals that still enrage us, years later, because they were botched. There have been Lost and The Sopranos, it almost sounds like a verse from Young lady of the ex-rapper Diam’s, but also those of Runaway 2, Midnight in the evening, Breaks or A hard time.

Investing so many years in a show to wrap up with a) an open ending, b) an open ending, or c) an incomprehensible ending, it’s every TV fan’s nightmare. That and work at the Lyndsay hostel in The escape, under Jade’s messy supervision, there are limits to the bearable.

Fortunately, there are successful and bright finals. Monday night is what the excellent series Brittle offered to its 715,000 fans. The present and the past have crossed on the fatal road of Dominic Couture (Pier-Luc Funk) and Félix Bachand (Marc-André Grondin). It was a beautiful and overwhelming hour of TV.

The play of the actors was there astounding, starting with that of the two sisters Nancy and Cynthia, camped by Valérie Blais and Sandrine Bisson. When they learned of the death of their Dom, time stood still at the restaurant, while plates exploded on the floor. The appalled looks, the heavy silences, the tight hugs, impossible not to cry.

In contrast, the cry of pain from Mireille Pépin-Lanthier (Isabelle Vincent) was just as poignant. During this hour of revelations, Martin Drainville, alias Bazou, alias Patrick Provencher, inherited scenes not easy to play. He did not steal his Gemini prize, won in September, even if he was often confined in the background, to eavesdrop on the conversations of the other characters. Juliette Gosselin, Kim’s interpreter, was also amazing.

Author Serge Boucher knitted a final lace episode, which delicately tied all the threads.

Several moments were significant, including that of forgiveness between Camille (Monia Chokri) and Mireille, the cuckolded wife, not to mention the one where the two mothers realized that their sons were in love with each other, information that softened their pain.

But the emotional coup de grace was struck with the reunion of the three bereaved women, Malaka (Nadia Kounda), Mireille and Cynthia, who clasped their hands in the final minutes. ” We are here. We are alive. We must live. Hello tears.

As for Lights, Appearances and Confession, Brittle will not have a follow-up. Serge Boucher creates closed universes, which never require a second season. Good news: the screenwriter has written half of his next television series for Radio-Canada, indicates his producer André Dupuy, from Amalga.

However, no details on the themes have filtered out. Knowing Serge Boucher, let’s bet that it will be about families and secrets. Producer André Dupuy hopes to box this series in 2021.

Xavier Dolan at Bell Media

Here’s what my knowledgeable moles told me about Xavier Dolan’s top-secret TV project. So the filmmaker will start filming the television adaptation of the play in April. The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up for Bell Media’s Crave digital platform.

This prestigious miniseries, produced by Nancy Grant, will consist of five one-hour episodes, which could then be broadcast on a conventional Bell Media channel such as Super Ecran or Noovo. Two of the actresses who played this text by Michel Marc Bouchard on the TNM stage in the spring of 2019 were attached to the TV version, namely Julie Le Breton and Magalie Lépine-Blondeau. The main cast of TNM also included Éric Bruneau and Patrick Hivon.

The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up tells the story of a world famous thanatologist, Mireille Larouche (Julie Le Breton), who returns to her native village in Lac-Saint-Jean to embalm her own mother. Magalie Lépine-Blondeau plays Mireille’s sister-in-law, an empty-mouthed mill. In the theater, in a production by Serge Denoncourt, Patrick Hivon played the older brother of Mireille Larouche and Éric Bruneau, the younger.

I can’t wait to see this first production by Xavier Dolan for television. On paper, it promises a lot. And it seems that Bell has not skimped on the production budget.

Another persistent rumor: Marie-Chantal Toupin would have signed her contract to participate in Big Brother Celebrities, that the Noovo channel will broadcast this winter for 13 weeks. The 49-year-old singer, known for her success Girls night and Bloody hell, has disappeared from the artistic landscape and when it returns, IT IS RARELY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Maybe a stay in a mansion with other stars will boost her public image, who knows? How could Marie-Chantal tell us, how could she write it, what we should have understood from her difficult years?

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