COVID: 14-day isolation planned for private residences

People who live in private seniors’ residences (RPA) in the red zone will have to self-isolate for 14 days after being out for more than 24 hours, according to new guidelines that were sent to RPA officials at the end of the day on Tuesday.

In addition, new tenants will also have to isolate themselves in their accommodation during a new integration into an RPA.

The president of the Regroupement québécois des residences pour ainés, Yves Desjardins, was very surprised to learn of these new measures.

“It is not at all the discussions and the orientations that the minister had given us so much [Marguerite Blais] that the minister [Christian Dubé] no later than at the beginning of autumn, ”he told TVA Nouvelles.

According to the new directive, when a resident is absent for a stay of more than 24 hours outside the RPA in a red zone, the resident must remain in isolation in his accommodation or room for 14 days. Exits in the common air will not be authorized.

For residences in Orange Zones, administrative segregation will not be mandatory after being out for more than 24 hours, but residents will be asked to monitor their symptoms for a period of 14 days.

For the integration of new residents into an RPA, new tenants will have to isolate themselves for 14 days in their accommodation and monitor their symptoms. This measure applies both in the red zone and in the orange zone.

Several seniors’ residences already apply this measure when a new tenant moves or is transferred to their establishment. This is the case with Groupe Sélection, which manages more than 50 establishments throughout the province.

TVA Nouvelles is still awaiting confirmation from the Ministry of Health as to when these new measures will be applied.

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