Christmas, a puzzle all over the world

Quebec is not the only jurisdiction in the world to rack its brains to find the most adequate solution possible to celebrate Christmas in a pandemic context.

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With just over a month before the start of the holiday season, Quebec has yet to unveil its game plan. Like many places around the world, the province is expected to do so over the next few days, but not all countries have the same approach.

An overview of the Christmas puzzle elsewhere in the world.


In France, the government recognizes that preventing family reunions for Christmas represents an “unsustainable” scenario. “Socially, people will not accept,” say the authorities.

The daily Le Monde evoked “a Christmas without a big meal or mixing the generations” in France. We can therefore wonder how far the country will go to protect seniors, who are more vulnerable to the virus.

Faced with a slight improvement on the front of the COVID-19 epidemic, the French government is meeting on Wednesday to prepare for the release of the second confinement by Christmas, while warning that the relaxation will be gradual.


Italy will adopt a different approach from Quebec, since the country will put forward different health rules depending on the level of epidemiological alert in the yellow, orange and red areas of the territory.

François Legault has already indicated that he wanted to simplify the instructions for the holiday season as much as possible and that the measures would be the same everywhere in Quebec. It remains to be seen whether public health will allow travel between regions.

Italy will next week give its directives on family reunions, but also on travel. The country has also already announced that the opening hours of shops will be extended to encourage Italians to distribute their shopping and thus avoid the usual hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


In the UK, a plan is in the works to allow limited family reunions. In particular, measures will be eased for a period of five days, from December 24. The government also encourages travel by car rather than public transit.


At home in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has remained very cautious, even though the provinces have the last word on the measures taken. The director of public health of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, for her part raised the possibility of not holding any rally if the trend continues in some provinces where the number of cases per capita is out of control.

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