Bentley | Bentley will go all-electric in 2030

Long known for its greedy V8 and 12-cylinder engines, Bentley has announced a radical technical turn under the hood of its models. From 2030, the luxury manufacturer will become fully electric, a transition that will take place gradually over the decade.

Owned by the Volkswagen group, the English manufacturer will offer all of its models with a hybrid option by 2023. However, it will take until 2025 to see the birth of the first fully electric Bentley model. A range entirely composed of plug-in hybrid and electric models will follow from 2026. Four years later, there will be no new Bentleys powered by a gasoline engine.

Bentley is also aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030 by relying on renewable materials to build its vehicles while ensuring that its Crewe assembly plant further decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide in its environment than it does. ‘she rejects it.

To ensure its future in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturer has however announced that it will have to make cuts in its staff, amounting to 800 jobs.

This turn has a lot of meaning, if only for the image of the manufacturer. Bentley must reinvent itself in the face of the electric offensive of many direct or indirect rivals who monopolize the attention of customers fond of novelty. We can also not lose sight of the intrinsic qualities of the electric that fit well with the positioning of Bentley, namely smoothness coupled with performance.

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