App Store, Apple halves its prices for small developers

Faced with US antitrust authorities, the giant Apple announces today that it intends to reduce by 50% the fees it imposes on developers of applications that bring in a million dollars or less.

So instead of the current 30%, their commission will drop to 15% on app sales from 2021.

The move, which will have little impact on Apple’s bottom line, is a stark change from the company’s public intransigence on its pricing.

For 12 years, the App Store has helped fuel Apple’s remarkable growth, and the company has seemed reluctant to do anything to adjust its pricing. Even when its fee policy has been the subject of antitrust complaints, Apple has defended it fiercely.

A measure that affects nearly 98% of developers

By halving its costs for small application and game developers, the apple giant seems to have found a way to reduce tensions with the authorities while attracting the good grace of the former. But the numbers tell a whole different story.

This pricing change will affect nearly 98% of companies that pay Apple a commission, according to estimates by Sensor Tower, an application analysis company available around the world.

But that 98% was only 5% of App Store revenue last year.

(Sensor Tower credit)

In reality, it is the big publishers like Google, Tencent, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba or even Bytedance and Amazon that produce the most popular applications and games like PUBG Mobile or TikTok that earn Apple the most.

This new pricing will help small business owners, writes Apple in its press release, which adds that it “will allow them to better finance themselves, to take risks on new creations, to expand their workforce and to continue to create new businesses. applications that enrich people’s lives ”.

The big developers, them, do not take offense and see from Apple a Machiavellian plan to divide its opponents and appease the antitrust authorities.

Publishers had also started to withdraw from the App Store to avoid “taxes” from Apple. Others, like Epic, publisher of the mega-hit Fortnite, were kicked out of the App Store for offering the direct payment option.

Back then, when Apple opened its App Store in 2008, there were only around 500 apps and games on the menu. Today, this online store is one of the most profitable trading platforms on the planet, grossing more than $ 54.2 billion in revenue last year, according to

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