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“We are no longer in a legal system, we are in a justice of well-meaning people. It suspects, it accuses and it destroys the life of the world with a post. ”

The settling of scores on Twitter or Facebook, Sonia Blanchard (Pascale Montpetit), the busiest Crown prosecutor on Quebec television, has a full case. And she is not wrong, our favorite lawyer, always the indignation to “high” like a frying pan.

Once again, author Luc Dionne explored a hot topic of the day in District 31 by recounting the fatal meeting between Samuel Gervais (Marc Beaupré) and his one night companion, Léna Pépin (Catherine Larochelle).

Intoxicated and violent, Léna was left, door locked, on Samuel’s balcony, from where she accidentally fell six floors. The video of his death, shot by a neighbor, toured the networks and aroused general indignation. How could a rotten man like Samuel Gervais cause such a terrible drama?

To overturn popular opinion, Samuel himself uploaded images from his surveillance camera where Lena attacks him with a knife. Ok so. She is the “crazy screech” in history. Once again, the villain was changing his gender.

The police of the 31st witnessed, helpless and overwhelmed, this virtual ping-pong, which could have derailed the investigation. We have decoded very well the message that screenwriter Luc Dionne wanted to convey: justice is settled in court, not on Twitter or Facebook.

Unfortunately for Luc Dionne, it is too late to stop this trend. Social networks bring stars into the world and behead them just as quickly, the time of a compromising tweet or a story devastating.

The whole Élisabeth Rioux affair, which erupted last week, perfectly illustrates the power of these tools in public debate.

In addition to filing a police complaint, the 23-year-old influencer, owner of swimwear company Hoaka, posted photos of herself, with bruises, after an altercation she allegedly had with her father. her 4 month old baby.

On QUB Radio, Benoit Dutrizac and Geneviève Pettersen denigrated Élisabeth Rioux by talking about her ass and her supposed cosmetic surgery operations, instead of addressing the heart of the matter: domestic violence.

Yes, Élisabeth Rioux shows off her body on her digital platforms (duh, she sells bikinis and underwear). Her ex-boyfriend undresses just as much on Instagram and neither Benoit Dutrizac nor Geneviève Pettersen have yet questioned his intelligence.

I listened to the “discussion” between these two QUB Radio hosts three times and the amount of contempt per second was breaking records.

AT Everybody talks about it Sunday evening, Élisabeth Rioux was asked and kindly set the record straight, without adding fuel to the fire. It was to his credit.

Geneviève Pettersen, who presents herself as an ally of women, had a bad quarter of an hour for having thrown one of her sisters under the wheels of the bus. It hasn’t been prettier or uplifting.

The one who is doing the best, I think, is Benoit Dutrizac, who was even more condescending and ignorant than his colleague at QUB. Could there also be two-speed digital justice?

Will you vote for Martia?

Marjorie, the most confused candidate ofDouble occupation, in his own words, found his top 1 in the person of Cintia. The two women formalized their union on Sunday by stealing the Poppers from Naadei (scandal!), Who “burped the old man on” for a very long time, as if the production had confiscated the basil plant from his friend Patrick.

Hey girls, there’s a fridge full of Poppers in the house. There are even cans in your decor, cibole. We are not talking here about a global shortage like that of toilet paper at Costco Anjou, period March 2020.

So, Marjorie and Cintia are the first same-sex couple of the 14 seasons ofDouble occupation, presented at TVA and Noovo since 2003. It is an important step for the representation of diversity – sexual and cultural – on screen.

Obviously, one of the males dropped by the formation of “Martia”, the mustached Kevin, could not help but make an extra fat comment: “their relationship is as fake as their breasts”, ah-ha! Not strong, my Kev.

The Laval auto salesman, Vincent, burst into a big silly laugh, too. Not strong (bis). Kiari was the only one to react well. He reminded Marjorie, however, that by kissing Cintia behind his back, she had “cheated” on him and that it was hurtful, but that he only wished her happiness.

Response from Marjorie: I’m glad “you were there” for me. Now, are Marjorie’s feelings for Cintia – and vice versa – true? Somewhere, we don’t care. Since when OD is there a barometer of the authenticity of love with a capital A? Apart from Mathieu and Claudie from last year, there is, in memory, no couple formed in 14 editions ofOD that still holds. So, for the sincerity and legitimacy of relations, we will come back, thank you.

Marjorie and Cintia play the game like all the other competitors. And at the end of the day, it’s the public that votes. Even if I don’t believe it so much, I would like the two girls to win the condo in Laval and the two Can-Am Rykers. But it’s far from in the pocket.

The dictatorship of the elders who advocate love and friendship, as in an old song by Celine Dion, will bar their way. You know, “Martia”, your relationship is too recent, we have been loving each other for longer and we want to go to the final with our friends from the beginning, you understand?

This rule installed by Charles gangrene the course of the episodes. I am told that the production finds it very heavy, this OD friendship where the last participants are reluctant to eliminate each other, because they want to keep all their ti-namis with them.

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