Rapper Lil Wayne indicted in Florida for possession of a gun

(Miami) American rapper Lil Wayne was indicted on Tuesday for possession of a firearm in an incident last year and faces up to 10 years in prison.

The interpreter of Lollipop was found in possession of a weapon and ammunition during a police search of a private jet in December 2019, according to a Miami federal court document.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, whose real name is his, was convicted over a decade ago on a separate gun charge. However, American law prohibits convicted persons from possessing weapons.

According to Miami herald, Lil Wayne – who has a home in South Florida – admitted that the gold-plated pistol found in his luggage was his. The weapon was reportedly given to him as a gift for Father’s Day.

According to the daily, the police also found several drugs including cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and more than $ 25,000 in cash in his luggage.

The rapper is due in court in Miami on December 11.

Awarded five times at the Grammy Awards, Lil Wayne was displayed a few days before the US presidential election alongside a smiling Donald Trump.


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