One more weapon in our war on coronavirus

Very good news! After Pfizer, it is therefore Moderna’s turn to announce that its vaccine against COVID-19 demonstrates high effectiveness (94%, which is remarkable), without major side effects.

Since the vaccination strategy used by these two companies is similar (use of an RNA encoding a virus protein), these results therefore confirm that this new biochemical platform for vaccine development works very well and makes it possible to generate an excellent immune response. .

This revolutionary new approach is faster, less expensive and more versatile than conventional approaches.

Moderna’s results even go a step further than Pfizer’s in showing that the vaccine not only prevents the onset of symptoms of COVID-19 (the primary clinical endpoint measured in the study), but appears also prevent the development of severe forms of the disease: while 11 people suffered complications from COVID-19 in the placebo group, no cases were observed in the vaccinated group.

Excellent news

In addition, the vaccine appears to work in all of the subpopulations studied, including the elderly, ethnic minorities and people with co-morbidities (diabetes, cardiovascular disease) that make them at high risk for developing severe forms of COVID. -19. That’s excellent news !

It should also be mentioned that the virus protein neutralized by the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is also targeted by at least three other vaccines which are currently in final phase 3 clinical trials.

The spectacular results obtained by Moderna and Pfizer indicate that the coronavirus is very vulnerable to an immune response directed against this protein, and we can therefore anticipate that these vaccines under study should also help prevent COVID-19.

Research feat

A panoply of new weapons will then be at our disposal in the declared war of scientists around the world against this deadly enemy.

After months of global gloom, the sudden announcement of two highly effective COVID-19 vaccines (and potentially three more in the near future) finally gives hope that this pandemic can be brought to an end in the years to come. next months.

A feat of research achieved in record time, which reflects the power of modern science to solve problems previously unsolvable for mankind.

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