Not easy, distance school

Mallory Sirois attends Val-Mauricie school, in Shawinigan. His class is in its third confinement since the beginning of October. Under the circumstances, it is not easy to store up knowledge, the fourth year student told TVA Nouvelles.

One day in the classroom equals five days of distance learning, she estimates.

In Mauricie and Center-du-Québec, there are dozens of class closures. In the region, nearly 70 schools are currently affected by COVID-19. In a single class at Val-Mauricie school, twelve students contracted the virus, said a student. Another noted that absences were often the norm, even among teachers.

At the energy school service center, it’s time to adapt. “The only constancy since the beginning of the school year is change,” dropped Denis Lemaire, director general of the administrative entity.

For Égide Royer, psychologist and education specialist, the time has come to get out of a public health logic to think more about student success. The dropout threatens many and the data is missing, he said sorry.

He pleads for a national strategy to mobilize student numbers in CEGEPs and universities. These could be paired with struggling students in a one-to-one mentoring or tutoring approach. One way of doing things, he stressed, which could be beneficial for both parties concerned.

In the meantime, at Val-Mauricie school, active cases of COVID-19 have halved in recent days. Eight classes, however, remain temporarily closed.

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