Info-Santé line victim of hackers

The cyberattack on the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Center-Ouest de Montréal took its Info-Santé central 20 years back, forcing employees to take paper notes and eliminating the access to online care tools.

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The CIUSSS is responsible for operating an 811 call center.

After a computer attack, he disconnected the central from its network like its other services on October 28, learned our Bureau of investigation.

“Due to the cybersecurity intrusion, Info-Santé and Info-Social are currently disconnected,” confirms Barry Morgan, spokesperson for the CIUSSS. However, it is important to note that these services are maintained. “

The 811 employees, however, lost the tools they normally use to help citizens in distress, according to an internal memo we obtained.

“The workstations do not have access to the CIUSSS network and to applications such as IC and Info-Santé Web”, mentions the text, dated November 10.

IC is the software that allows you to efficiently manage telephone requests. Employees use it to locate calls and quickly contact an ambulance when needed.

As for the Info-Santé Web system, it provides access to information that the 811 has already collected on a patient.

“I type a phone number, name or date of birth into the system and see if you’ve called in the past and why,” says a staff member who contacted our Investigation Office.

He wishes to remain anonymous because the CIUSSS forbids its employees to speak to journalists.

Employees lost access to this information.

“If you call three or four times in the same night, I will not have access to the previous files,” laments the internal source.

Spokesman Barry Morgan also confirms that patient records “have been prepared by hand” since the system was disconnected. When the plant comes back online, employees will have to integrate these notes into the computer system.

Only 15 laptops are available to teleworking supervisors and employees.

For cybersecurity experts, the situation shows that the CIUSSS was not well prepared for a loss of its computer system.

“Society as a whole is now dependent on the internet, but we didn’t think about the risk if something breaks or if we get stolen,” says Patrick Mathieu, founder of Hackfest. There, we have it in the face in recent months. “

If you have any information on cybersecurity, contact our journalist in confidence at 438-396-5546 (Signal, cell.) Or at

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