Green plan: the automotive industry will be ready before 2035, assure associations of electric vehicles

The automotive industry will be ready for the transition even before the 2035 target, assure associations of electric vehicles.

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The Association of Electric Vehicles of Quebec (AVÉQ), which has actively participated in the cause of the electrification of transport in Quebec since 2013, is delighted with the Legault government’s announcements to ban the sale of gasoline cars in 2035.

The organization points out that the province is currently following a global trend that will force rapid changes among manufacturers.

“According to estimates, in 2025, the cost of acquiring an electric vehicle is expected to be the same as an equivalent gasoline vehicle. In addition, from 2024, it will now be possible to purchase an electric van of all brands on the market, ”said the president and founder of the association, Simon-Pierre Rioux.

Technology related to industry is evolving at high speed and will be able to keep up with demand, underlines former Environment Minister Daniel Breton.

“When you look in places where there are zero emission laws, especially in British Columbia and several American states, that represents almost 40% of the North American market. We are not doing a separate band. This is what strengthens the date of 2035, ”said the president and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada.

Daniel Breton believes that Quebec policy will change the situation with regard to the wait, currently a few months, for an electric vehicle.

“Manufacturers supply dealers where there is a regulation that requires them to provide it. Among our neighbors in Ontario, there are no regulations and therefore there are very few in the dealerships, ”he ruled.

Lots of work to do

The auto industry says, for its part, that there is a lot of work to be done to change mentalities, especially with low gas prices.

“If I look at the figures for the past five years, Quebeckers have never consumed so much gasoline. In addition, 64% of vehicles in Quebec are SUVs. We will have to change the trend among consumers, ”said Éric Tétrault, president of the Quebec Energy Association, which nevertheless supports the ambitions of the Legault government.

Simon-Pierre Rioux of AVÉQ says he is aware of the enormous challenge and his association will continue its tours of Quebec, after the pandemic, in order to convince Quebecers to opt for vehicles that represent “more than ever the future”.

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