For my sons, my silence is impossible | A quest imbued with sensitivity for Isabelle Racicot

(Montreal) Following the anti-racist movement propelled by Black Lives Matter, host Isabelle Racicot asked herself a very intimate question: herself, a figure known in the media, and appreciated by the public, could she use her platform? to do more? It is on this premise that the excellent documentary was born For my sons, my silence is impossible.

“My father was a lawyer, I grew up in a wealthy and multi-ethnic family, I attended the best schools, in short, I admit, I am black and privileged! I was not ignorant of racism, but on many occasions I chose to remain silent, whether it was myself or someone else who was affected. “

When her partner, Donald, pointed out to her certain situations of racial injustice, she refused to believe it. But, carried by the breath of his sons who began to ask him, in front of certain inequalities: “Mum, is this likely to happen to me? », The mother in her needed to get up and do something concrete.

She went to meet key people who, if they don’t have all the answers, ask the right questions with her.

This documentary, directed by Christian Lalumière, tackles racism in a personal way – the first images are shot in Isabelle’s kitchen, and we fall for the tongue-in-cheek humor of his youngest child.

The facilitator thus goes to meet friends, activists and specialists from all walks of life. She notably meets the unique Fady Dagher, who heads the Longueuil police department. We will learn that 120 agents, among the 300 under his command, volunteered to remove weapons and uniforms, and to visit families whose members are likely to be victims of profiling, in order to broaden the horizons of the police. .

Isabelle Racicot also calls on Quebec leaders: wouldn’t your companies gain in wealth and know-how if they were made up of staff of all colors?

A quest imbued with sensitivity and lucidity, broadcast on Ici Télé on Monday, November 23 at 9 p.m. and simultaneously on Ici Première.

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