Extended school leave: pupils in yellow and orange zones unfairly penalized

François Legault will unfairly penalize students and families who live in regions less affected by COVID-19 by imposing an extended wall-to-wall school break on all of Quebec, deplores the Parti Québécois.

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The Prime Minister put his cards on the table Tuesday. The scenario envisaged by his government is a leave that could extend until mid-January for schoolchildren. “Why? So that there is a kind of quarantine for the children before returning them to school, following these family gatherings that we will see during the Holidays ”, he said during the conference. release on the state of spread of the virus.

It would be a vacation for students and teachers, who would not have lessons to give. School daycare services could remain open during this period to accommodate parents unable to take time off work, argued François Legault, who intends to make a decision in the coming days.

But one thing is certain, the instructions will not be different from one region to another and will be applied regardless of the level of alert. “I try to keep it simple, that means (that the rules will be applied) throughout Quebec”, he insisted.

Some regions, such as Abitibi, the Côte-Nord or the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, however, have very few cases of COVID-19 daily and are in the yellow zone.

Political decision

PQ MP Joël Arseneau criticizes the CAQ for once again ignoring science and making a purely political decision.

“Why (…) we penalize the students and probably the parents as well and even the teachers by imposing on them measures which have no connection with the epidemiological situation which is experienced in these regions?”, Launches the elected official. Madelinot, in an interview.

Paternalistic attitude

He reminds that the economy of the regions in the yellow and orange zone is only very little disturbed at the moment. “The majority of people continue to work, it is all the more difficult for them to manage the return of the children to the home, whereas there is no reason to do it in terms of health, whereas ‘there is no outbreak in schools,’ he pleads. He said closing schools is a “drastic measure” and simply cannot be justified in areas spared by the virus.

He deplores the “paternalistic attitude” of François Legault, who takes decisions because he has the authority to do so, without the support of evidence.

Teachers not consulted

At the Federation of Teaching Unions, we also wonder about what guides the government’s choices. “What is the data that allows them to believe that our teenagers, if we send them home for a month, they will really be home for a month, that they won’t continue to see friends, that they will really isolate themselves, ”insists the president, Josée Scalabrini.

She deplores moreover that the government did not see fit to consult the actors in the field, the teachers, those who are there with the students every day and who know their needs.

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