Developments on COVID-19 of November 14

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.


Case: 53 875 361
Dead: 1,310,668
Recovered: 34 682 730


Case: 10 896 870
Dead: 245,578
Recovered: 4,148,444


Quebec: 122,643 case (6611 death)

Ontario: 92,761 cases (3,332 deaths)

Alberta: 37,312 cases (398 deaths)

British Columbia: 20,985 cases (290 deaths)

Manitoba: 10,453 cases (152 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 4,820 cases (29 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,142 cases (65 deaths)

New Brunswick: 364 cases (6 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 301 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 68 cases

Yukon: 24 cases (1 death)

Northwest Territories: 15 cases

Nunavut: 8 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 291,929 (10,891 deaths)

22h00 | Mexico exceeds one million cases of Covid-19

Mexico surpassed one million confirmed Covid-19 cases on Saturday, after recording 5,860 new infections in 24 hours, the government said.

8:51 pm | Gathering of over 400 people in front of a Sikh temple

Hundreds of believers, many without masks, converged in front of the huge Sikh temple in the borough of LaSalle despite the health instructions, early Saturday evening in Montreal.

19:51 | Accueil Bonneau expands to the Grand Quai

Accueil Bonneau will begin its new activities on Monday at the premises of the Grand Quai at the Port of Montreal. The space has been converted into a winter respite to accommodate more than 300 homeless people at a time.


19:41 | Married for 42 years, they die of COVID-19 a few days difference

A Kansas family mourns the loss of their parents, who died from COVID-19 just days apart.

6:56 pm | The European Medicines Agency relies on a vaccine distributed “in January”

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) plans to give its favorable opinion on a first vaccine against the new coronavirus “by the end of the year” for distribution “from January”, said on Saturday its director.

5:58 pm | Massive hires at Canada Post

As the holidays approach, 350 letter carrier jobs are to be filled at Canada Post in both Montreal and Quebec. A consequence of the large number of purchases of gifts made on the Internet.

5:16 pm | Singer Jeremih on a ventilator in intensive care

American singer Jeremih has been admitted to intensive care and placed on a ventilator after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

4:43 pm | In Italy, COVID-19 patient dies in emergency room toilet

Shock in Italy after the broadcast of a video showing an old man with COVID-19 dead in the emergency toilet of a hospital in Naples.

4:29 pm | Sorel-Tracy – Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola ferry: service slowed down because of two employees positive for COVID-19

The ferry service between Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola has been cut indefinitely due to two employees who tested positive for COVID-19.

3:16 pm | The French Prime Minister prepares “rules” for the country on “the long term”

We will have to “live with the virus over the long term”: the French Prime Minister is working on “rules” for the country until the arrival of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, he tells the French daily Saturday’s World.


“As long as we do not have a vaccine, we must give perspectives on the rules of the game”, declares Jean Castex, who presented the strategy Thursday until the end of 2020, but also works on the period beyond, possibly until in the summer.

2:57 pm | Outbreak aboard one of the first cruise ships to return to sea

At least seven cruise ship passengers have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days.

They had taken their seats aboard the Sea Dream 1, which is one of the first ships to travel again to the Caribbean.

2:23 pm | Is mental health really a priority?

If the Legault government ensures that mental health is a priority, the national director of mental health services in Quebec is worried about the morale of Quebecers.

“There are 50 to 60% of people who have mental health problems or psychological distress and who do not consult the services,” says Dr. Pierre Bleau.

2:20 pm | Ten infected patients die in fire in Romania

Ten patients sick with the new coronavirus died on Saturday in a violent fire at a hospital in northeastern Romania, Minister of Health Nelu Tataru announced.

13:22 | NDP denounces federal government COVID-19 vaccine agreements

New Democratic Party (NDP) MPs questioned the Trudeau government’s approach to COVID-19 vaccine deals on Friday, after making public a vaccination contract between Brazil and AstraZeneca.


13:19 | Outbreak of 42 cases of COVID-19 at gym in British Columbia

The Platinum Athletic Gym in Surrey, British Columbia, is behind an outbreak linked to at least 42 cases of COVID-19, according to health officials in the province.

Among those infected are gym customers as well as employees.

11:48 am | Naples and Tuscany go red

The region of Naples (Campania) has been classified in the red zone as well as Tuscany, from Sunday, day when nearly half of Italians will find themselves in partial confinement.

11am | Quebec reports 1,448 additional cases and 25 additional deaths

Quebec reports 1,448 additional cases and 25 deaths, bringing the total to 122,643 people infected and 6,611 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

10:53 am | Austria toughens restrictions, schools and shops close soon

The Austrian government announces the closure of schools and non-essential stores, two weeks after the implementation of a partial containment which has failed to slow the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country.


10:30 am | The contested curfew in Portugal

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the center of Lisbon braved the curfew that came into effect early Saturday afternoon in regions of Portugal. Nearly 500 people protested at the call of restaurateurs, one of the sectors most affected by this curfew, and a citizens’ movement which organized a “march for freedom”.

7:48 am | One in five Quebecers would be a conspirator

Political decisions influenced by secret organizations that run the world, citizens monitored by government agencies, the general public kept in the dark: this is the conspiratorial worldview that 20% of Quebecers would maintain during the coronavirus pandemic .

GEN-Marche Pacifique to defend our rights and freedoms

Archive photo

7:05 am | Two hand sanitizers recalled

Health Canada on Friday recalled two hand sanitizers containing products hazardous to health.

6:07 am | Greece closes primary schools amid resurgence of coronavirus

Greece announced on Saturday the closure of its primary schools and daycare centers until the end of the month due to the upsurge in coronavirus cases.

“The Greek government has decided to suspend the operation of schools until November 30,” said Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias, stressing that it was a question of limiting “the movements” of parents, teachers and adults. -parents to obtain “with the other measures in place, the reduction in virus cases”.

4h50 | Over 1.3 million deaths worldwide

More than 1.3 million deaths from the new coronavirus have been officially recorded worldwide, according to a count made by AFP from official sources.


4:45 am | New two-week re-containment in Lebanon

Lebanon has started a new two-week containment to tackle the skyrocketing increase in COVID-19 cases which is affecting hospitals now saturated.

4:09 am | Italy: the Naples region goes without surprise in the “red zone”

The region of Naples, Italy, has been classified as a “red zone” as well as Tuscany, the Italian government officially announced Friday evening, confirming that nearly half of Italians are now in partial containment.

2h01 | Is a surgical mask necessarily for single use?

The recommendation of the health authorities is clear: the surgical mask should be discarded after use. But faced with the waste that accumulates and the cost borne by citizens, voices are pleading for their conditional reuse, for the general public.


0h46 | Confidence in vaccines crucial to stop COVID-19

As the good news about a COVID-19 vaccine brings a wave of optimism, public mistrust of immunization could render the most effective of products useless, warns the head of the WHO’s immunization division.


0h45 | Czech crematoriums at the edge of their capacity

Crematoriums in the Czech Republic are on the edge of capacity following a rapid rise in coronavirus deaths, which has made the country the European leader in pandemic statistics.

For weeks, the Czech Republic has been the European country with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, according to statistics from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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