COVID-19: relays for snowmobilers call for flexibility

Relays for snowmobilers are calling for relaxations on the health measures imposed by Quebec, otherwise they will have to remain closed this winter.

The managers of the Relais de la Station in Saint-Séverin find it absurd that the current rules allow them to accommodate snowmobilers in their dining room, without being able to serve them meals.

The kitchen is however in operation to offer take out orders. “We do not understand that people can eat their sandwich, but not ours,” said owner Guy Leblond, who led a provincial movement demanding that Quebec relax its measures.

The relays are willing to enforce the health instructions, but on condition that they can serve meals. Otherwise, it is out of the question for them to pay staff to simply play the role of refuge, without providing catering services.

The MRC Mékinac and other organizations support the movement. “The economic benefits that come from snowmobilers are immense. It is 80% of the turnover of many of our relays in Mékinac which result from the next three or four months ”, argued Nadia Moreau, director of economic development of the MRC.

However, traffic is expected to be very high on the trails this winter. Most dealerships are facing a shortage of new snowmobiles due to slower manufacturing and strong demand.

“The availability of snowmobiles is very difficult. It’s really limited, ”confirmed Alain Parent, owner of the Trois-Rivières Motos Thibault dealership.

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