BMW goes on the hunt for the Tesla Model X

German manufacturer BMW presented a general portrait of its very first fully electric vehicle last week. Not surprisingly, this salvo will take the form of an SUV targeting the Tesla Model X.

The iX, which was previously called Vision iNEXT during its prototype phase, will be built on BMW’s new electric modular platform. The manufacturer claims that its dimensions are comparable to those of the current X5.


Rear view of the iX

We can obviously not ignore the presence of the polarizing “kidney-shaped” grille recently introduced by the 4 Series Coupe. Huge than ever and always formed of two parts, it is more illusory than anything else in this case. The iX incorporates a battery of cameras, sensors and radar to support the driving aids. Note that its body will also be particularly aerodynamic for an SUV with a drag coefficient of barely 0.25 cx.

Almost 500 km of autonomy, two engines

That said, the iX does not however come close to the Model X in terms of autonomy. BMW estimates for the moment that it will be able to reach 482 km, according to the American measurement protocol. This is 125 km less than the production version of its American competitor. However, it blithely exceeds the 377 km of the Jaguar I-Pace and the 357 km of the Audi e-tron. Charging the iX battery will also be compatible with chargers up to 200 kW.

On the power side, its two electric motors, which will form its all-wheel drive, will produce 500 hp in total. This power will ensure a 0-100 km / h under 5 seconds, according to BMW.

Different interior

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Many materials from recycled materials are used in the making of the iX.

BMW has also looked into the design of its interior to ensure the differentiation of this model. Thus, many materials from recycled materials are used in its manufacture. The manufacturer has also chosen to merge the instrumentation with the infotainment screen. The hexagonal steering wheel also gives a different look to the presentation, like an empty space in front of the center console, made possible by the absence of transmission and allowing to decongest the bottom of the dashboard.

The BMW iX will only go into production at the end of next year. We will know more by then on the versions that will make up its range as well as its starting price, which should be around $ 90,000.

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