Amazon offers new services in American pharmacies

Internet users will be able to compare the different price options depending on their insurance. (Photo: 123RF)

The American e-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN) announced on Tuesday the launch of new pharmacy services in the United States, including the creation of a dedicated page allowing online ordering of drugs prescribed by health professionals.

The goal, says the group in a statement, is to allow Internet users to obtain drugs “as easily as any other purchase on the site of Amazon” and to avoid them queuing in pharmacies.

Amazon had already gained a foothold in the distribution of pharmaceutical products by acquiring in 2018 the specialized site PillPack, which notably delivers products for patients with chronic diseases.

The company now offers a new page on its site dedicated to pharmacy, allowing Internet users to fill a prescription from their computer or phone.

They can save their health insurance information on a secure profile and have their doctor send prescriptions directly to Amazon Pharmacy.

Internet users will be able to compare the different price options depending on their insurance. They will also be able to see the various brands of existing generics and the various possible dosages.

Amazon specifies that it will not deliver certain drugs, such as those based on opiates.

For subscribers to its Prime service, Amazon will offer free two-day delivery of drugs as well as discounts when they pay for certain drugs without insurance.

“As more people look to do their daily grocery shopping from their homes, the pharmacy is an important and necessary addition to the Amazon online store,” said Doug Herrington, North America Customer Service Manager .

The shares of drugstore chains fell sharply in electronic trading before the stock market opened: Rite Aid plunged 11.7%, CVS 7.1%, Walgreens 9%. Amazon took 2%.

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