A song for Joyce Echaquan

A month and a half after Joyce Echaquan’s cruel death at the Joliette hospital, Gregory Charles and Mélissa Bédard have joined forces to create a song in tribute to the Attikamek mother.

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Your rage, a touching piano composition that will be unveiled in the weekly column by Gregory Charles in Hi hello, at 9:15 am, Tuesday morning, looks back on the slow agony of Manawan’s wife.

“You wait for the end without caresses, without tenderness, you cry. You wait for the end without friends, without love, you die, ”sings Mélissa Bédard.

On September 28, Joyce Echaquan filmed with her phone and posted a video on Facebook Live in which we hear healthcare professionals mistreating her and hurling racist insults at her.

“It was overwhelming,” shared Gregory Charles, during an interview with The newspaper, Monday. “In quick succession, I had to look with my eight year old daughter at pictures of what happened to George Floyd and Joyce Echaquan and try to explain to her how human beings can be so thin.”

So last week he wrote the song. To interpret it, he saw no one other than his former student at Star Academy.

“There’s something about Melissa, a kind of painful experience in her voice. A vocal power too, but that I wanted her to use in a more discreet way, ”says Gregory Charles.

The artist also sees it as a symbol that two black people, who were upset by the sad fate of George Floyd earlier in 2020, are behind this song in memory of Joyce Echaquan.

“It’s an opportunity to remember that racism and discrimination are not all one way. It is a powerful message that two Quebecers who are not of the same color as the majority recognize that they are part of this entity which needs to better treat a group which is often looked down upon. “


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