The Portapique killer was happy to be “well armed” in the face of COVID-19

The dentist responsible for the worst mass killings in Canadian history was happy to be well armed for the panic that the COVID-19 pandemic would inevitably generate, according to new documents released Monday.

About a month before the massacre perpetrated on April 18 and 19, Gabriel Wortman had expressed his fears vis-à-vis the pandemic in an email sent to one of his acquaintances.

In his message, the Nova Scotian killer who killed 22 people explained that the virus represented a major crisis and that “people have never had to deal with something so gray”, can we read in relayed documents by the “Chronicle Herald”.

Wortman “said he was not optimistic and that when people ran out of money they would get desperate and need guns.”

“Thank goodness we are well armed,” added the killer in his post.

Testimonials from other friends and acquaintances of the dentist unveiled on Monday shed a disturbing light on the man’s aspirations. In the weeks following the killings, several spoke to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about Wortman’s obsession with firearms.

One of these witnesses also suggested that the man seemed “bipolar” since he sometimes appeared very extroverted and other times very introverted, we learn in the documents always cited by the “Chronicle”.

On Saturday, April 18, Gabriel Wortman went crazy after an argument with his wife while he was at his chalet in Portapique. He set fire to various buildings in the small town of Nova Scotia and shot some of his neighbors, before setting off on a run that lasted more than 12 hours, during which he committed other murders, including that of a policewoman.

The man, who was disguised as an RCMP officer and was driving an old police car, was able to evade authorities for a long time. He was eventually shot on the grounds of a gas station.

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