The other Adib Alkhalidey to Everyone’s Talking About It

Sunday at Everybody talks about it, domestic violence was discussed, far web, the catastrophic situation of restaurants and hotels and the discovery of a vaccine against COVID-19. But it was certainly Adib Alkhalidey, now singer-songwriter, who offered the most candid interview of the evening.

To launch his first album, the comedian first wanted to hide behind the pseudonym Abelaïd, but ended up revealing himself. An “exit from the closet” for the artist, who feared losing friends by revealing himself in this way. The work is dark, far from the character we know. A melancholy that has nothing to do with confinement, but because “all comedians have a melancholy side”, he recalls. “In humor, you’re always all alone. […] A loneliness that is violent somewhere. In music, you meet people every step of the way. ”

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