COVID-19: a third CHSLD in Saguenay hit by an outbreak

A third CHSLD in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is hit by an outbreak of COVID-19.

Two cases were identified among the 57 beneficiaries of the CHSLD Georges-Hébert in Jonquière at the end of last week.

Authorities took immediate action to prevent the spread of the virus by transferring the two users to another center.

“I heard a member of the nursing staff reassure the residents that the two cases had been taken out and transferred elsewhere, possibly to the CHSLD Jacques-Cartier,” an employee told us, who requested anonymity.

This CHSLD de Chicoutimi is itself affected by 125 cases, including 55 employees.

“Nothing has been confirmed to me, but if these transfers took place, it was to prevent contagion from occurring,” said the president of the class 2 employees’ union, Gaston Langevin. This union affiliated with the CSN represents, in particular, beneficiary attendants and employment service assistants at the regional CIUSSS.

Since Friday, caregivers no longer have access to the premises.

“I came to see my mother once a week,” said Anne Parent. It looks like she’s fine, she’s in a cold zone, but that worries me a bit. I can’t go see her anymore. “

“Measures are taken so that we do not escape the CHSLD Georges-Hébert”, commented Gaston Langevin.

This CHSLD had already been a victim of the coronavirus last spring, when 5 employees had been withdrawn preventively. Last weekend, all beneficiaries were tested, along with the employees, on a voluntary basis.

The good news is that the situation is in the process of being resolved in the Isidore-Gauthier CHSLD in Alma. The number of cases has remained stable at 70 for the past few days … enough to consider lifting the outbreak state.

“That should be confirmed to me over the next few hours,” Gaston Langevin said at the end of the morning. This is certainly the good news of the day. It will give workers a break. ”

At the height of the crisis, 3 weeks ago, half of the staff were in isolation. The authorities are awaiting the arrival of reinforcements from other regions in the coming days. These workers will be deployed in CHSLDs.

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