Céline Dion reiterates her support for Sainte-Justine

Celine Dion pays tribute to people who help each other when times are tough in a letter posted on the Internet.

The artist’s message also encourages the public to support the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, which works with sick children and for which it plays the role of “godmother for life”.

“Strangely, as the whole world distances itself, the pandemic connects us to each other more than ever. It shows us how much each of our actions, each of our choices, has an impact on those around us. Whether we know them or not, ”writes the singer on fondationstejustine.org.

Like several other organizations, the CHU Saint-Justine Foundation is suffering the economic consequences of the coronavirus, Le Journal de Montréal reported in the spring. In 2020, the pandemic forced the Foundation to cancel its Golf Tournament, Ball and other flagship events, slashing its income by several hundred thousand dollars.

Céline Dion opens her letter by evoking this difficult period: “I come from a large family. Of those who help each other, who stick together when times are tough. Who never give up. It comforts me to think about it in these times of COVID-19. Despite what tears us apart right now, I like to tell myself that there will always be people like you and me to stay strong, one small gesture at a time. ”

“For me, Sainte-Justine is the lighthouse that we will never lose sight of,” she continues. Even when the storm sweeps away all our certainties. Sainte-Justine is a family that sticks together and we can count on to light our way. Because ahead, there will always be children to care for and to grow. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. ”


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