Artist Marc Séguin joins Star Académie professors

Internationally renowned multidisciplinary designer Marc Séguin becomes professor of artistic identity at Star Académie. TVA made the announcement on Monday, while the next season will return next January.

“I accepted this role at the start because it is probably where I was least expected,” says Marc Séguin in a video promoting Star Académie.

The painter, writer and filmmaker will thus help academics to define what makes them unique, but also on the role of artists in society. “For the artist to become himself, there are confrontations to be had. Try to look at yourself in a mirror at some point, and then tell yourself some real patents. There is nobody as a creator who is interesting for me if he does not tell me about his desires, his fantasies, his whims, his fears. This is where we have to push the world, ”he continues.

Based in his studio in Brooklyn, this “farmer who makes art”, as he defines himself, also works a lot from his residence located on an island in the L’Isle-aux-Grues archipelago. The contemporary artist is in fact preoccupied with the territory and the terroir of Quebec.

Before taking up the challenge of teaching at Star Académie, Marc Séguin notably exhibited his works in many cities in Europe and North America.

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