A holiday game plan within a week

Several scenarios are still being studied in order to allow Quebecers to organize small gatherings during the Holidays, but a clear game plan should be presented “within a week”, indicated the Minister of Health Christian Dubé, Monday.

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Quebec wishes at all costs to avoid the confusion that reigned this summer surrounding the application of health measures – the famous 10 people, from three homes and two meters apart – and this is the reason why no announcement for the period of Holidays have not yet been made.

“We learned from that. We prefer to prepare properly. […] But I would like people to be reassured, we will give them predictability. We are in mid-November and I think that within a week, we should be able to present a scenario that will encourage people, ”Minister Dubé revealed in an interview with LCN.

He confirmed, like his Prime Minister earlier in the day, that a scenario allowing gatherings of 10 people from three households during the Holidays is being studied. The possibility of closing schools for a month, from December 11 to January 11, is also still being assessed.

“There are several hypotheses that are looked at [mais] obviously, it is too early to decide the number of people. Will it be five? Will it be ten? […] It is part of the discussions we have with public health and I can guarantee you that no decision has been taken, ”François Legault explained in the morning.


By presenting its game plan within a week, the government also hopes to convince Quebeckers of the importance of continuing to follow health measures between now and the Holidays in order to create “leeway” within care units. intensive.

“We have between 300 and 400 beds in intensive care. It’s not a lot. It would suffice that we go up to 1,500 or 1,800 cases per day and we would no longer have any room for maneuver, ”explains Minister Dubé.

Hence the importance over the coming weeks of reducing the number of contaminations, he insists, because there will always be people who will be infected.

“It is often the recalcitrant that must be sought, because 80% or 90% of people follow the rules well. We are not talking to them, but rather to those who may be less following the rules, ”he says.

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