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The news collection Ely’s disappeared was released at the beginning of November, and to make up for the lack of a public launch, one of the collective’s authors, Alain Labonté, decided to deliver copies… by bicycle.

After a conclusive experience in Drummondville last week, he did it again this weekend in Montreal. To receive a copy of the book in person at your doorstep, you just have to order it at the Librairie du Square.

“It’s my way of encouraging Quebec literature, of encouraging an independent bookstore from our region and of doing my part in promoting this project,” says Alain Labonté.

Another of the authors of the collection, Tristan Malavoy, decided to embark on this project, but in his case it is at the bookstore Le Port de tête that you have to order the book.

Ely’s disappeared, which is in its third edition and whose theme this year is “Foreigners”, was written during a literary residency directed by Véronique Marcotte and which brought together eight authors from different backgrounds, including Émilie Dubreuil and Alexandre Soublière.

>>> Visit the Librairie du Square website
>>> Visit the Le Port de tête bookstore website

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