Increasing sales

At the start of the pandemic, when the Paulines Bookstore had to close its doors, Jeanne Lemire wondered what was to happen. Eight months later, it indicates that sales since June have increased by 15%.

“It was very annoying in March. The months of June, July and those which followed were very good with, for each month, an increase of 15%. It’s going well and it’s hard to ask for better. There is no concern at the moment, ”she dropped in an interview.

The director of the bookstore located on Masson Street in Montreal specifies that the business which was born in 1952 and which settled in the Rosemont district in 2006, was in progress before the appearance of COVID-19.

The bookstore, which belongs to the religious community Les filles de Saint-Paul, was originally specialized in everything relating to the religious world and more specifically the Catholic religion.

A good choice

After moving to rue Saint-Denis in 1976, the Paulines bookstore developed a humanities section with books on philosophy, history and psychology. She was forced to leave this place in 2006 due to a large rent increase.

“The Rosemont district was a developing sector. The religious specialty of the bookstore was still there, but it was crumbling. Something else had to be tried. Which led us to become a generalist bookstore. It was, for us, a question of survival, ”she explained.

The choice to move to this neighborhood turned out to be a good decision.

“It’s a beautiful neighborhood where culture is important. There are a lot of families and we feel a lot of interest in the bookstore, ”said Jeanne Lemire.

The current situation, she explains, is behind this 15% increase.

“I’m a little embarrassed saying it, but it’s the same. People cannot travel, go to the movies, see concerts and go to the theater. They tell us that at some point they have to look after and occupy their young people, ”she noted.

The Paulines Bookstore had to adjust in April and continues to do so. Employees have assigned workstations and we even had to hire people.

“We organize ourselves and try to provide the best service we can. We do not sit on our laurels while waiting for the wind to crush us into the wall, ”said the director.

The Last Follett

Jeanne Lemire greatly appreciated, in her recent readings, Twilight and dawn, the latest Ken Follett and Not even the sound of a river by Hélène Dorion.

“I like historical novels from the period and from the Middle Ages. We discover the customs of people and we learn all kinds of things about the peoples who have passed through the ages and who have brought us where we are today. People were learning to fight and to make do with the means at hand. I like, in Hélène Dorion, her poetic writing, the words that are sought after and she is someone I have great pleasure in reading, ”she said.

The suggestions by Jeanne

Not even the sound of a river

Helene Dorion


Make the sugars

Fanny britt


Jeanne Lemire

Courtesy photo, Quebec America editions

The geography of happiness

Veronique marcotte


The cliffs

Virginie DeChamplain


Our unexpected brothers

Amin Maalouf


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