Fragile balance in some regions

In a Quebec largely plunged into the red zone, a handful of regions have so far been relatively spared by the second wave of COVID-19, but it is a delicate balance, they specify.

With only seven active cases, the Côte-Nord is one of the few places to remain at the yellow level. Yet the Dr Richard Fachehoun, whose face has become familiar to residents during the pandemic, remains on his guard.

In the past few days, four citizens have contracted the disease. But on Friday, public health could not identify the source of exposure for two of them. “Which means there are probably other cases of COVID-19 in the region […]. We are worried, ”said the medical specialist in public health, at a press conference.

Break the transmission

If the North Shore has done well so far, it is not only because of its remoteness from major centers, believes the Dr Fachehoun. According to him, the mobilization of the population is also for a lot, as well as the care which is brought to the epidemiological investigations.

When a case is detected, his team leaves nothing to chance.

“We want to know where he got his illness. If this is another case in the region, we have to go and identify it to really break the chain of transmission. “

In Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the results of the pandemic are also enough to arouse the envy of neighboring regions. Since the start of the crisis, there has been only one outbreak in a seniors’ environment and none has been formally detected in a school. These days, there is less than one new case per day on average.

Little waiting

The Dre Omobola Sobanjo, a medical specialist in public health, explains that more than 90% of the results of screening tests are disclosed within 24 hours, which makes it possible to quickly initiate investigations.

“We must not declare victory until the war is over. However, I think we have a strategy that allows us to quickly contain outbreaks, ”she says.

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