Criticism | The teeth of love: naughty canines, for the love of the pun ★★★ ½

The ex-Bleu Poudre Ghislain Taschereau, father of Inspector Spector, does not like to feel cramped. So, to loosen the cords of decorum a little, the man did not hesitate to give birth in 2020 to his own publishing house (L’Individu), just to have a free hand to lay the irreverent novels. that he wants. Thus was born a first little monster, in the HilareCoquin collection (wink!), The teeth of love.

It makes you smile even before the incipit: “Translated from Romanian by a translator”. The latter was probably very entertained to recompose the story of Draculotte, adopted daughter of the greatest vampire in History, in love with a human and determined to keep his hand. But some do not hear it that way, while tension roars in Bucharest between the creatures with the sharp canines and the “under-toothed”.

Acidity, hemoglobin and lubricity form the ingredients here for a scathing and rather twisting cocktail, served with a crude, yet skillful humorous touch, for those who appreciate the juice of daring puns. We laugh bitterly, we grimace. Even if Taschereau does not have a tongue in his pocket, the language served in this first pocket book is able to relax us. The Belles Lettres snobs will just have to go and pump other jugulars.

Teeth of love
Ghislain Taschereau
Individual Editions
168 pages
★★★ ½

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