A delicious read

A delicious read

After Compass, who won the Goncourt in 2015, the French writer Mathias Enard signs a new novel that will allow many readers to feast!

In this seventh novel by Mathias Enard, it is above all David who tells the story. Student in anthropology, David has indeed decided to go into the field to collect all the information and impressions necessary for writing his thesis, the subject of which is “to understand what it means to live in the countryside in the 21st century.e century ”.

<strong><em>The annual banquet of the Brotherhood of Gravediggers</em><br />Mathias Enard</strong><br />Actes Sud editions<br />432 pages

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The annual banquet of the Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Mathias Enard

Actes Sud editions
432 pages

In other words, he left Paris to live for a year in La-Pierre-Saint-Christophe, a tiny village in the center-west of France with little more than 649 inhabitants. And from the moment he settles in with Mathilde and Gary, a farming couple in their sixties, we will have the immense pleasure of being able to read everything he will write down in his journal.

Open country

David will soon discover it, rural life has absolutely nothing to do with that of big cities.

To begin with, even in the middle of December, there is no lack of insects in the cottages. Then, side distractions, we can not say that there is much to do when we still hardly know anyone. Apart from reading Bronisław Malinowski or playing Tetris, that is! But little by little, David will get used to the local dialect and, by dint of questioning them, get closer to the “locals”. Including Martial, who combines the functions of mayor and undertaker, Thomas, the owner of the only café in the village, or Arnaud, known as Nono, who can quote from memory the date of any historical event.

A generous, enriching and often funny book, which we savored with delight.

To read also this week

Our hearts on the horizon

<strong>Jojo Moyes</strong><br />Hauteville editions<br />608 pages

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Jojo Moyes
Hauteville editions
608 pages

Merham is a very peaceful little English seaside resort. But one day, artists will come and settle in Arcadia House, a vast residence that has remained uninhabited for too long. And from there, a lot will happen. But to discover more exactly which ones, it will be necessary to wait no less than fifty years … An easy to read novel, like all those of Jojo Moyes, moreover.

3 minutes

<strong>Roslund & Hellstrom</strong><br />Editions The Pocket Book<br />704 pages

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Roslund & Hellstrom
Editions The Pocket Book
704 pages

It is the sequel to the very popular 3 seconds, which inspired the film The Informer, released in 2019. We will therefore find the Swede Piet Hoffmann, whose specialty is to be able to infiltrate almost any environment. The Colombian mafia, for example. Because this time, at the request of the American DEA, he will manage to become the right arm of a sadistic cocaine trafficker … before having to get out of there on his own. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Visual guide money

<strong>Collective</strong><br />Marcel Didier editions<br />240 pages

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Marcel Didier editions
240 pages

With the stock markets and economic indicators playing the yoyo all the time these days, this is the kind of book that can help us understand a lot. Superbly synthesized with easy-to-follow graphics and illustrations, all aspects linked directly or indirectly to money will soon no longer have any secrets.

The Latte Art Guide

<strong>Barista micro-roaster</strong><br />Quebec America editions<br />168 pages

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Barista micro-roaster
Quebec America editions
168 pages

First, a few words about Barista microtorréfacteur, the artisanal roasting house that is the origin of this book: founded in 2004 in Montreal, it offers coffee blends aimed at true espresso lovers. It is therefore particularly well placed to show us how to decorate our pretty patterns (hearts, tulips, swans, etc.) on our slats House.

Guaranteed thrills

Devil’s hour

<strong>Patrick bauwen</strong><br />Albin Michel editions<br />480 pages

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Patrick bauwen
Albin Michel editions
480 pages

This is not the first time that we meet Chris Novak, an emergency doctor who has the gift of drawing us into incredibly murky stories. With Dog day, he managed to keep us on the end of our chair until the very last line; same with The night of the ogre, which certainly does not lack twists and turns. So no wonder that in this third and final opus of the trilogy Gospel, poor Chris is a little battered.

Now suffering from agoraphobia,
Chris Novak has completely dropped the hospital and the Special Brigade Gospel to live cloistered at home. Between two balls of opium, however, it still happens to him to carry out some medical consultations. But only online. This is also how a killer will contact him and make his life hell again.

However, he will not be the only one to plunge back into the middle of a horror film. The body cut in two of a woman disguised as a witch will be found embedded in the nose of a train and as with all crimes committed in Parisian transport, it will be up to police lieutenant Audrey Valenti to take care of it.

Hours and hours of fun if you like to rub shoulders with terrible psychopaths and read particularly twisted plots.


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