Silence is turned!

Popcorn and soft drink in hand, Philippe and Mélanie enter a movie theater and carefully choose the seats that suit them best. It’s that two great movie lovers like them are picky about the best location! To pass the time before the screening, Philippe turns to the readers and begins the story of this wonderful story of cinema …

Is the history of cinema one that ends well? Hum, impossible to answer this question, since the seventh art is constantly evolving! So, it is just in its infancy that the reader is entitled to, in this superb comic. Clearly, The moving image is only the first volume of the series The history of cinema in comics. And that is excellent news, because the informative and entertaining content of this comic quickly makes the reader want to continue his cinematographic discoveries through reading.

Once upon a time there was cinema …

A cegep film teacher, author Philippe Lemieux clearly masters his subject, yes, but his passion for the big screen is also felt on each page. Guided by Garry’s illustrations as concise as they are colorful and dynamic, the reader begins his apprenticeship in 1872 with the photographer Eadweard Muybridge, because the history of cinema is above all that of the moving image. Moreover, animal lovers will be happy to know that they have casually played a key role in the development of cinema.

Thus, the reader will make several jumps in time, exploring in particular the journey of Thomas Edison, who presented the first films, in 1894, passing through the Lumière brothers cinematograph a few months later, in France, without forgetting the birth of cinema. fiction through Georges Méliès – who directed nearly 600 films between 1896 and 1914.

To learn and have fun, The History of Cinema in BD is a great book to put in the family library.

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