Keystone XL Pipeline | Ottawa’s position is “worrying”, judges the Bloc Québécois

“It is absurd and disturbing. The Bloc Québécois denounces the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, on the Keystone XL pipeline. The 1,947-kilometer pipeline, which a Biden administration intends to block, will be a “priority” in talks with the United States, the elected official said this week.

“Seeing a government that claims to be green and for the fight against climate change position itself in this way, it shows that its real priority is oil, and not energy transition,” insists the member for Avignon – La. Mitis – Matane – Matapédia, Bloc member Kristina Michaud.

His party calls on the minister to “go back on his words” as quickly as possible. “If the government is serious about what it calls the green stimulus, it is the least of things not to make this pipeline a priority. We find that worrying for Quebec, which has the opportunity to become a leader in terms of transition, in its exchanges with the United States, ”adds Michaud.

Last Sunday, when asked about Joe Biden’s intention to cancel pipeline permits, Mr. Champagne argued that this issue was “a priority on the agenda”. “We will assert our point of view by affirming that Canada is the most reliable supplier of energy to the United States”, he added, noting that the two countries “have worked together for decades now”.


François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs

I think what has happened over the past four years, in [ce qui concerne] some of those relationships we can reconstruct.

François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs

In May, Joe Biden’s campaign manager Stef Feldman said canceling the pipeline was “always the right decision” and it was “even more important today.” Five years ago, in 2015, Joe Biden was vice president when Barack Obama announced the suspension of the Keystone XL pipeline license. He has since been authorized by Donald Trump again.

No “precise plan”, denounces the Bloc

Kristina Michaud, she does not take offense. She also denounces that the Government of Canada does not yet even have a “precise plan” to reach its objective of “net zero emissions” of greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2050. “The most prevalent forecasts optimists from Environment Canada tell us that there is a significant shortfall. We are very far from this target, ”raises the Bloc.

However, media reported on Friday that Ottawa is on the verge of making an “official” commitment to achieve the goal, which is a campaign pledge from Justin Trudeau. The government reportedly intends to unveil a new climate liability law as early as next week.

“The problem is that people talk to us about lots of great things, but after a year in office, nothing has materialized. These are empty words from a government that continues to say that it is green, without really being, ”replies the Bloc, who calls on Ottawa not to“ neglect the climate crisis ”on the back of COVID-19 .

If it goes through, the Keystone XL pipeline would transport 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta to the US state of Nebraska and from there to US refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

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