In Italy, COVID-19 patient dies in emergency room toilet

Shock in Italy after the broadcast of a video showing an old man with COVID-19 dead in the emergency toilet of a hospital in Naples.

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The south of the country has been the epicenter of the second wave of the virus in recent days.

“This video highlights the countless lies told and repeated about health in Campania. We are afraid, we are calling for help, ”said the priest Don Maurizio Patriciello, known for his commitment to improving the medical network in his region.

According to several local media, Giuseppe Cantalupo, 84, was waiting to be taken care of in the emergency department of Caldarelli hospital last Wednesday when he succumbed in the toilet.

The images of his remains, filmed by another patient waiting for COVID-19 who had also been waiting for more than 24 hours to be seen by a doctor, have sparked a scandal in the country.

For many, they demonstrate the difficulties of the Campania region in managing the current health situation.

Hospitals are so overwhelmed that some patients are treated in their cars or dying in ambulances.

“Campania is on its knees”, alarmed Luigi Di Maio, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs from the region, in an interview on Friday with the daily La Stampa.

An investigation has in any case been opened to shed light on the death of Giuseppe Cantalupo.

The octogenarian had several health problems (diabetes, hypertension and abdominal aneurysm) in addition to his infection with COVID-19.

An autopsy has been performed and should determine what caused the patient’s cardiac arrest.

The director of the hospital, Giuseppe Longo, already excludes any responsibility of his establishment in the death.

– with AFP

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