City councilor who denies the pandemic

A municipal councilor from Montérégie who maintains that the health crisis of COVID-19 is an invention upsets his city by his comments that could undermine the honor and dignity of his office.

In Europe since October 18, the civil law lawyer and municipal councilor of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle André Lafrance has been increasing the number of videos on his personal Facebook page.

He affirms, among other things, that Quebec is no longer a democracy, that wearing the mask too long can be harmful and he questions the dangerousness of the disease.

In an interview published on the YouTube page of Daniel Pilon, a figure in the anti-mask movement, he even calls for the resignation of Prime Minister François Legault.


“These are not words that an elected official should keep. The government asks us [aux maires et conseillers] to educate the population. […] From an ethical point of view, it looks bad. […] We are going to talk about that to the council, ”says the mayor of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Robert Duteau, visibly embarrassed when contacted by Le Journal.

“I think it poses a problem for the honor and dignity of the profession [de conseiller municipal]. It is to behave without restraint. It’s part [d’une loi sur] deontology in municipal matters, ”said specialist in municipal management and professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal Danielle Pilette.

“When he says that Quebec is no longer a democracy, he is sawing off the branch on which he is sitting. He was elected by democracy, ”she continues.

His words contradicted

The president of the Association of Microbiologists, Christian L. Jacob, urges caution in front of a statement by Mr. Lafrance arguing that COVID-19 tests are only reliable 10%.

“It is true that at the start of the pandemic, antibody and antigen tests were more or less reliable, but not the new ones authorized by Health Canada. In addition, the PCR test [utilisé par le réseau de la santé au Québec] is 90% reliable, ”said Mr. L. Jacob.

“To my knowledge, there is a study that reported that N-95 masks can cause complications in people with severe lung disease, but anti-masks tend to take it to say that wearing all masks is harmful to everyone, ”explains science communicator at McGill University’s Organization for Science and Society, Jonathan Jarry.

According to him, Mr. Lafrance’s remarks join those of deniers and conspirators.

André Lafrance no longer responded to our request for an interview when we told him that we did not want to discuss the situation in Sweden, which he visited recently, but rather his comments on Quebec and that we would not provide our questions in advance.

The statements of the chosen one

“I can no longer say that here [au Québec] we live in a democracy. ”

“None of the health rules in Quebec are legal [SIC]. ”

“Show me that this disease is dangerous and I will comply like all the others.” ”

“The health crisis was invented. ”

“If a case does not transpose to a hospital center or a coffin, that doesn’t mean anything. We can have 100 million people infected, if we only have 10,000 people dying, it’s not a pandemic. ”

“COVID tests, everyone knows, they are not even 10% reliable. “

“Studies tend to determine that if a mask is worn for too long a period of time, it could be harmful for you. “

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