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Bold, determined and persevering, the athlete Lysanne Richard, high-flying diver, is not afraid to jump off a cliff to launch into the ocean and reach a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Perilous dives of course, but which are certainly a source of inspiration for anyone who aspires to surpass themselves.

From Japan to Brazil, Spain to Mexico via the Philippines and Bermuda, Lysanne Richard has traveled around the world to present shows of her extreme sport and participate in high-level competitions. Constantly in search of a challenge, the former artist and acrobat who worked on the stage of Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloïze and collaborated with Les 7 fingers de la main was ranked second in the world in his discipline and third position in the Red Bull Cliff Diving women’s ranking last year.

If her exploits deserve to be told, the idea for this book does not come from her, but rather from the author Myriam Jézéquel who was interested in the athlete and his discipline. “I would never have claimed to have my biography published at my age,” humbly drops Lysanne Richard, aged 39, who is also a mother of three children. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​talking about determination, self-confidence and the realization of his dreams appealed to him.

“Surpassing oneself is an important theme for me and I have an addiction to be proud of myself and this is where I draw my determination,” says the athlete who wishes to be a model of perseverance.

Dive into the void

Soaring from the top of a steep cliff twenty meters high is not trivial. To achieve such a feat, it takes years of effort. Considering that the speed of the diver reaches 80 km / h, this acrobatics could seem reckless for many. Lysanne Richard, who has been practicing high-flying diving since 2015, believes that we should not fear risk, but a calculated risk. “I am scared every time before jumping”, recognizes the athlete. “Diving from such a height requires both muscular and mental training steps,” she says. For safety reasons, rescue divers and a medical team are on site in the water. The elite who practice this sport have other disciplines to their credit, including gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatics. “When I dive, I don’t focus on winning, but rather on doing well and so much the better if it results in victory afterwards. “

Besides her intense workouts, Lysanne practices meditation to clear her mind, as well as visualization, which mentally rehearses the precision of the technical details of the movement in their complexity and coordination.

There have been challenges, setbacks and obstacles. Initially, she encountered several failures and injuries as well. But the athlete from Saguenay never gave up, showing resilience. Her major neck injury in 2017, which bullied her for a year, didn’t stop her from bouncing back and becoming champion.

An inspiring biography that makes you want to surpass yourself.

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