An “Italian” natural wine from Australia

Or almost! In fact, it is Montepulciano, a famous grape variety widely distributed in Abruzzo, in central-eastern Italy, but cultivated in southern Australia. All presented in a “natural” version.

Deliquente – which means delinquent in Italian, is the project of Con-Greg Grigoriou who enjoys planting and vinifying Italian grape varieties in the region of Riverland, one of the hottest and drier in kangaroo country. The wine comes from two plots conducted in organic farming. We harvest very early to keep the acidity. Fermented with native yeasts and minimally interventionist vinification, although the wine seems filtered, and bottled with very little sulfur. In short, a fairly classic “natural” wine without the flaws (sparkling, scrambled, peanut, yeasty taste, etc.) which may put off several amateurs who are less used to the genre.

Closed with a screw cap (which avoids unpleasant surprises linked to the cork stopper), it deserves a little ventilation to fully reveal itself. We discover nice notes of black cherry, violet, pepper and a touch of balsamic. The tannins on the palate are supple, the material is nourished and the acidity brings a nice freshness. It’s simple, easy-drinking and enjoyable. Serve cool enough (1 hour in the fridge or around 15 ° C) with pizza, burgers or burritos.

I also draw your attention to the cuvée Screaming Betty 2020 made from vermentino, a light and nicely fragrant white. It also shows great drinkability and it is, in my opinion, just as good.

Delinquente, The Bullet Dodger 2020, Riverland, Asutralia

Delinquente, Screaming Betty 2020, Riverland, Australia


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