The offended

November 10, 2020. Radio-Canada is withdrawing an episode of The Little Life which showed Normand Brathwaite as a cartoonish Ugandan professor, because of a complaint from an offended spectator.

November 12, 2020. Radio-Canada puts the episode back into circulation with a warning to warn people who might be offended: “This program is offered as it was originally created and may contain social and cultural representations different from today”.

October 29, 2020. Two English-language school boards withdraw a history book of Quebec and Canada from all grades of 4e secondary, because a sentence mentions (in French and in English) the title of the book by Pierre Vallières White Negroes of America. School boards affix a sticker to the offending phrase.

September 26, 2020. The Marguerite-Bourgeois school in Châteauguay has withdrawn the detective story Ten little niggers from his library, according to the newspaper Reflect. “The establishment reacted quickly to a complaint from a parent. ”

“At no time, the fact of having copies of this book by Agatha Christie in school libraries was intended to be offensive or provocative and we are sincerely sorry for the situation experienced at Marguerite-Bourgeois school”, indicates a spokeswoman.

Hands and feet

November 6, 2020. Anne Hathaway apologizes to people she might have offended. In the movie The Witches (Sacred witches) aired on HBO Max, she plays the role of a scary witch who has three fingers on each hand … and this has offended people with “ectrodactyly”, a rare genetic condition characterized by the absence of a or several fingers of the hand. On November 4, Warner Bros. had already apologized to people who might have been offended by the image of these witches.

November 11, 2020. Rapper Cardi B apologizes to people she might have offended. In a magazine cover photo, she promoted her new line of shoes for Reebok by posing with eight arms (a photomontage, of course, because as everyone knows, Cardi B doesn’t have eight arms) . Hindus were offended that she took the pose of the famous goddess Durga (who, as everyone knows, actually has eight arms).

A person who is not a Hindu imitating the pose of a Hindu goddess is cultural appropriation and Cardi B is Catholic … so she apologized. Let us remind everyone that the goddess Durga represents “strength, femininity and liberation”.

November 11, 2020. In France, less than a month after the death by beheading of Professor Samuel Paty, rapper Maka launched a rap entitled: S ***** P ***.

In the chorus, he proclaims: “We cut like Samuel Paty, without empathy”.

In the music video, rapper Maka appears with a machete in his hand, surrounded by a group of masked people who are all holding knives or weapons. One of the men gestures with a saw in his hand. The clip takes place in front of multiple scenes of burning cars.

Last I heard, rapper Maka has not apologized to people who this clip, images or words might have offended.

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