The famous turn eight is dreaded at the Istanbul circuit

The drivers are almost unanimous: the famous turn eight of the Istanbul circuit, theater of the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday, is considered to be the signature sector of this 5.3 kilometer track which will welcome the F1 cars for the first time since. 2011.

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For a few seconds, the drivers will have to put up with 5 G in lateral force when they face this turn which, according to many, will be negotiated at full speed for a good part of the race.

“It’s a unique place,” Toronto pilot Nicholas Latifi said Thursday, via video conference with a few Canadian journalists. Not only will it be physically taxing, but so will the tires. [surtout l’avant droit] who will suffer enormously. “

So it’s no surprise that supplier Pirelli will be offering their toughest line of compounds for the weekend.

“The strategy of stopping at the refueling pit will be essential,” said the man who is playing his first season in F1.

Pérez warns his teammate

Sergio Pérez, one of the four drivers to have already driven (in 2011) in Istanbul with Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, has already advised his teammate Lance Stroll at Racing Point, to prepare his … neck accordingly.

“I suggested to him, jokingly, to say the veteran Mexican pilot in a press conference, to warm up his neck muscles. This turn is not forgiving. I can’t wait to see how it goes nine years later behind the wheel of our high-performance cars. “

Some teams have planned to install more padded headrests in the cockpit, if the need arises.

“This turn will be very harmful for the neck,” added Esteban Ocon, driver of the Renault team. My engineer made me aware of the situation and even suggested that I install additional protection in the car.

“I’ll see how it goes on Friday morning and we’ll see afterwards. “

Same story for George Russell, teammate of Latifi in the Williams team.

“This turn should be taken without lifting the foot, claims the young British driver. We will have to endure a load equivalent to about 50 kilos in the neck for about six seconds. It’s huge. I also have some concerns about the tires. “

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