On your screens this week… “Night of the Kings”, “The Sons of Man”, “The Kid Detective”

This week, we recommend the films “Night of the Kings”, “The Sons of Man”, “The Kid Detective” and others.

(1): Masterpiece, (2): Outstanding, (3): Very good, (4): Good, (5): Average, (6): Mediocre, (7): Poor.

The Sons of Man


American science fiction drama directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Clare-Hope Ashitey.

What’s this ? In the near future where the Terrans have become infertile, an official must escort a pregnant refugee to safety to prevent her from being deported.

How is it ? Alfonso Cuaron (GRAVITY, ROMA) offers a rich and intelligent adaptation of PD James’ novel. The plot never ceases to captivate, although its pessimism is often overwhelming. The expert staging is distinguished by its beautiful work on light and the interpretation is of high caliber.

Saturday 10:15 p.m. on Cinépop

The Kid Detective


Canadian crime drama directed by Evan Morgan

Starring Adam Brody, Sophie Nélisse, Sarah Sutherland.

What’s this ? To find the murderer of her boyfriend, a teenage girl hires a lost private investigator who, in his younger years, was the glory of their small town. However, his investigation seems to be linked to the disappearance of a student from his school, a case he could not resolve at the time.

How is it ? Under this title of police comedy for the family hides a clever film noir, which constantly thwarts the spectator’s expectations. The quirky blend of playful humor and sordid drama works, and the protagonist is surprisingly well-defined psychologically. The latter is embodied with a beautiful mixture of derision and gravity by Adam Brody.

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My stupid dog


French dramatic comedy directed by Yvan Attal

Starring Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Ben Attal.

What’s this ? In the midst of his fifties crisis and lacking inspiration, a writer adopts a big stray dog, badly brought up and libidinous, who indirectly solves all his problems. Much to the chagrin of his wife and their four grown children, who still live at the house.

How is it ? In the vein of his autofictional cycle (MY WOMAN IS AN ACTRESS, THEY GET MARRIED AND EURENT A LOT OF CHILDREN), Yvan Attal signs a very personal adaptation of the novel by John Fante (BANDINI). Cynicism and melancholy are well balanced throughout this tribute to the ultimately tender family, done with elegance and ease. The interpretation is in the note.

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The night of kings


French drama directed by Philippe Lacôte

Starring Bakary Koné, Steve Tientcheu, Issaka Sawadogo.

What’s this ? In an overcrowded prison in the Ivory Coast, the head of inmates must kill himself if he no longer has the strength to keep his rank. To save time, he organizes a night of festivities, punctuated by the stories of a new prisoner, forced to improvise a storyteller.

How is it ? Philippe Lacôte (RUN) paints in this second feature film a painting of vigorous manners, enriched with a vibrant praise of flight into the imagination and the power of speech. Stylized, the staging celebrates ancestral African customs. As a dying caïd, Steve Tientcheu is solemn and imposing, facing the intense Bakari Koné.

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Leaving Afghanistan (Bratstvo)


Russian war drama directed by Pavel Lounguine

Starring Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Roman Kolotukhin, Mikhail Kremer.

What’s this ? In 1988, as the Soviet army was preparing to leave Afghanistan, a group of Russian soldiers was tasked with locating the son of General Vassiliev, a pilot whose plane had crashed and who was caught in hostage by the Mujahedin warriors.

How is it ? Based on a true story, this war drama is solid and gripping, but not without lengths and genre-specific clichés. Pavel Lounguine’s staging (TAXI BLUES, LA NOCE) happily blends documentary approach and surrealism, generating sequences as memorable as they are spectacular. And this, despite a visibly limited budget.

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American horror comedy directed by Brian Duffield

Starring Katherine Langford, Charlie Plummer, Hayley Law.

What’s this ? A sarcastic high school graduate approaches a classmate who is secretly in love with her when the students in their class start to explode one after the other. Government agents take young people as guinea pigs to find a cure for this strange phenomenon.

How is it ? Bittersweet learning story, formidable black humor, fantastical and inexplicable horror elements are on the menu of this exciting debut film by screenwriter Brian Duffield (JANE GOT A GUN, UNDERWATER). The delightful complicity between Katherine Langford (KNIVES OUT) and Charlie Plummer (ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD) is nevertheless at the heart of the experience.

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