In the kitchen with Danièle Henkel: intuition in the kitchen

With more than 100,000 copies sold of When intuition traces the road, now available in an audio version and broadcast by Vues et Voix on all the major digital distribution platforms, Danièle Henkel tells with truth and gentleness her story that can be heard like a novel. She wishes to share a universal message: to believe in yourself and to know how to draw from the depths of her being the solutions of her life path. In his eyes, anything is possible and the human being is strong and resilient. Danièle Henkel also uses her positive energy in her kitchen since, she says, with little things, you can achieve great culinary achievements. The love of pleasing those we love is, for her, the key to happiness.

When intuition traces the road is the title of your new project, do you have intuition in the kitchen and in preparing recipes?

Yes, but controlled! Above all, the instinct to take the time necessary to refocus on the important moments of life, to speak and listen, to help well. Getting together at the table with those you love is so precious.

Life must go on, so in the morning to start the day well, tea or coffee?

Coffee. Espresso coffee longo the morning. Espresso after lunch. And herbal tea the rest of the day.

Make yourself pancakes, eggs, smoothies…?

Pancakes, eggs, sometimes smoothies, not often because it’s noisy in the morning and I don’t want to wake my darling …

Danièle Henkel's morning routine

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Danièle Henkel’s morning routine

Did you rediscover the pleasure of cooking during this period?

I’ve always had fun cooking … it’s very cultural to cook meals for the family. However, during the confinement, I tried new recipes. Avocado with small pink prawns from Quebec is a delight.

During confinement, Danièle Henkel tried her hand at new recipes.

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During confinement, Danièle Henkel tried her hand at new recipes.

What would be the hardest thing for you not to have in your fridge or pantry?

Fruits. I love to eat fruit, it is imperative for me.

Sliced ​​bread or baker’s baguette or homemade bread?

Without hesitation, sliced ​​bread, flax, quinoa and, on occasion, a good baguette from Joe’s, at the Jean-Talon Market.

Cheese or dessert ?

Cheese. I love Quebec goat and sheep cheeses. Sheep in particular is sweeter than you think and it is wonderful with many recipes and culinary preparations.

Sheep's cheese is by far his favorite

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Sheep’s cheese is by far his favorite

Meat or fish ?

Fish. Black cod, small pink shrimps, swordfish, wild organic salmon. The whiting that I buy from Adonis.

Caramel or chocolate?

Neither. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all.

Cake, cookie or cheese?

Cheese. I’m a cheese lover and I love buying from small producers, like those at the Jean-Talon Market, you really feel a closeness between the artisan and the consumer, it’s great.

Beer or wine?

Wine, but in moderation.

White or red?

Red, mainly from France, but also from Italy and recently, from Portugal, it is a great discovery.

Show me your favorite kitchen accessory and why you chose it.

Without a doubt, the wok! For speed and simplicity, it’s so handy, especially when you arrive home late and don’t want to do a lot of washing up afterwards!

Do you have a favorite recipe?

A dish that is eaten as a starter, commonly called “cooked salad”. These are roasted red peppers.

My kids love it when I give it to them. I broil them whole in the oven and then put them in a Ziploc bag to toss them and easily remove the skin. Then, I cook them in strips, then in the pan, very slowly, with different herbs, cumin, pepper, garlic … it’s a pure delight.

Tell me about the culinary achievement you are most proud of.

The stuffed turkey at Christmas. At first I didn’t know how to do it, now everyone is looking forward to my turkey.

However, the stuffed Christmas turkey is his specialty.

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However, the stuffed Christmas turkey is his specialty.

Have you ever served a dish that was completely wrong?

During confinement, I tried to bake bread. I completely missed the recipe. It’s been so long since I haven’t done one …

What do you miss the most, going to a restaurant, tasting their culinary creations …?

Go to the restaurant. Because for me, it is a moment of sharing, of joy, of culinary discovery and above all of gathering. It is a moment of pause where we appreciate the tasty cuisine of the chefs.

Your best dining experience ever?

Joel Robuchon’s work shop. It was quite a culinary experience.

What did it smell like in you, in the kitchen, when you were little?

Spices, mint, rose water and orange blossom. Olfactory memories and delicate flavors on the palate.

Do you take advantage of this period to redo childhood recipes?

Yes, I made, among other things, the famous leg of leg with garlic and parsley.

Favorite culinary products?

Artichoke hearts, thyme, basil, paprika, turmeric, cumin, Provence herbs.

Favorite recipe?

Chicken with olives. Olives first, the Mediterranean reminds me of my youth, and it’s economical, it’s a tasty dish that’s easy to make and always delights guests.

What can you not do without in the kitchen?

Olive oil, inevitable!

A culinary crush?

Pan-fried liver, if cooked properly, it’s delicious.

Guilty gluttony?

Cheese. I told you I love cheese!

Your favorite cooking style?

Mediterranean, but I’m curious, so I let myself be carried away by discovery, especially when it’s done with love.

Do you have a suggestion to help the catering industry in Quebec, how can we help them?

The industry must come together and use all the means of communication at its disposal to promote its products. For example, through chambers of commerce, associations, tastings …

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