For better protection of tenants

Marcel Larocque
AFANB President

The New Brunswick Francophone Association of Seniors calls for better protection for tenants. The Association calls on the government to develop a strategy for affordable housing and to regulate the price of rents.

At the moment, there is no law preventing landlords from raising the price of rents as they see fit. Other provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec, limit the increase in rent prices and protect tenants from potential abuse by homeowners.

With the housing shortage in New Brunswick, some homeowners are abusing the situation. The result: those who are unable to cope with such an increase risk ending up in pitiful housing, places so poorly insulated, for example, that they have to wear boots and a coat to stay warm in winter, or in basements so run down they are downright dangerous.

Some units do not meet health, safety and construction standards, but which tenant would dare to complain, knowing that he is not the one with the biggest end of the stick?

These tenants are often seniors, often single women whose only income is the old age pension and the guaranteed income supplement. In New Brunswick, 11% live in poverty. The least that can be done for these poor people is to ensure that they have affordable and safe housing, hence the importance of an affordable housing strategy and price regulation. rents.

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