“Extending the schedule will not catch up”

Extending the school calendar in June, or even July in order to make up for lost days if the government goes ahead with a one-month holiday break is not a solution for the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) .

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“If we had to come to this and it is, I think, the last of the solutions, the Prime Minister himself said, that would mean that the model currently used for the return to class since l fall feeds the 2nd wave, so we have to break that wave. Almost 30% of outbreaks are in schools. The minister told us that he was going to respect the provisions of the employment contract. The school calendar is negotiated locally by each service center ”, specifies the president of the FAE, Sylvain Mallette.

So no question of supporting the idea evoked yesterday by François Legault?

“Not to extend the school calendar. At the end of June, the schools become furnaces and the students are already exhausted. It is not by extending by two weeks that it will make it possible to make up for the delays, ”says Mr. Mallette.

So what does it take? “It takes an accelerated mechanism for COVID screening in the network and a program on programs and ministerial evaluations, we have been asking for it since last spring, that does not mean reducing the programs,” claims Mr. Mallette.

The latter also thinks of students in difficulty. “We must avoid the breakdown of the educational service. Vulnerable students have experienced this pandemic twice, ”says the president of the FAE.

*** See the full interview with Sylvain Mallette in the video above.


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