Discussion with Anthony Calvillo around number 13

It’s Friday the 13th and some beliefs that this number is bad luck, but several athletes have had quite a bit of success with such a uniform on their backs.

In Quebec, there were hockey players Mats Sundin, Michael Cammalleri and Pierre Lambert, in the television series “Lance et Compte” … Those who are nostalgic for the Expos will remember the pitcher Jeff Fassero.

Of all the athletes who have worked in La Belle Province, it is probably Anthony Calvillo, former quarterback for the Montreal Alouettes and now assistant coach with the Carabins, that the player who has had the most successful career goes home. in Quebec with this famous number. By the way, his number 13 jersey was retired by the Alouettes … on October 13, 2014.

Q: Hello, Mr. Calvillo! When did you choose number 13 and why?

A: The story is a bit funny. I was in high school, where I grew up in La Puente, Calif., And was one of the youngest on the team. The senior and junior players chose their number first and in my turn, taking into account that a quarterback absolutely has to choose a number between 1 and 20, there was only 13 left for me. I didn’t have the choice to take it. I was stuck with this number. The advantage is no matter which team I played with during my career, the 13 was always available because nobody wanted it.

Q: One of the great quarterbacks who wore number 13 was Dan Marino with the Miami Dolphins. Do you identify with him?

A: I remember seeing Dan Marino play when I was a teenager and I knew he also played with the 13. But where I’m from, in California, we kinda cheered on the Raiders and I especially liked Jim Plunkett ( Editor’s note: who was wearing the 16). I also loved Danny White with the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: Strange coincidence, but when you started in the Canadian Football League in 1994, it was said that there were 13 quarterbacks at the Posse training camp in Las Vegas when you got the number 1 job. Is it a myth or a reality?

A: This is the reality. It was an expansion team and we had two more weeks in training camp to form the club. There are a lot of players competing in all positions, and in the quarterfinals we were really 13.

Proof that number 13 was good for Calvillo. He remains, to this day, the holder of the ultimate record in the history of professional football with 79,816 passing yards. Calvillo was also a three-time Gray Cup champion with the Alouettes (2002, 2009 and 2010).

Eskimos v.  Larks

Archive photo, BEN PELOSSE

Kind words for Jonathan Sénécal

Still employed by the Carabins de l’Université de Montréal, Anthony Calvillo was able to start working with Quebec quarterback Jonathan Sénécal.

“It’s different when you see an athlete on videos and when you have him in front of you. I guessed Jonathan had a strong arm, but in person that’s another level, commented the Carabins’ offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. And it’s not only the power of his arm that impresses, but also the precision of his passes. “

With Montreal in the “red zone”, training is currently neutral with the Carabins, but Calvillo and Sénécal were able to rub shoulders this summer, on the field, and also discuss regularly during online meetings.

Store information

The 21-year-old Sénécal admitted that Calvillo’s presence with the Carabins had contributed to his decision to join the University of Montreal in August, rather than continue his journey, as initially planned, with the Huskies of Connecticut University, in the NCAA.

“It is sure that it is a plus for me and it weighed in the balance in my decision to go to the University of Montreal, had then indicated Sénécal, about Calvillo, in a video diffused by the Carabins. It’s really interesting since he played for the professionals and he had a great career in the Canadian Football League. I will definitely try to store as much information as he can teach me to help me in my development. ”


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