Director Chris Columbus opposed to the “reboot” of the film “Mum, I missed the plane”

Chris Columbus thinks the reboot of Mom I missed the plane is “a waste of time”.

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The filmmaker directed the original 1990 comedy, starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and Catherine O’Hara. It grossed over $ 470 million at the global box office and has become a Christmas classic. Last year, then-Disney boss Bob Iger said the company’s streaming platform Disney + was working on “reimagining” the films in its archive, including Mom I missed the plane, One Night at the Museum, and Thirteen by a dozen.

Dan Mazer is set to make this remake, with the star of Jojo rabbit, Archie Yates, Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper head the cast, but Chris Columbus didn’t mince words when he said he felt the project needed to end immediately.

“No one has contacted me about this, and it’s a waste of time for me. What is the point? I firmly believe that we do not remake of films that have had the longevity of Mom I missed the planeHe told Insider.

The filmmaker, who also directed the sequel in 1992, Mom, I missed the plane again, is convinced that the reboot will never have the same magic as the original, and has inspired Disney to come up with better ideas.

“You’re not going to create lightning in a bottle yet. It will not happen. So why do it? It’s like making a digital version of a Disney animated film – a live-action version. What’s the point? It has been done. Do your own thing. Even if you fail miserably, at least you have found something original, ”he said.

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