And turn the crank

Because a small electric or battery-powered household appliance can perform different tasks for us, we forget how satisfying it can be to accomplish them yourself … By turning a crank!

Minced meat

Securely attached to the counter or table with a greenhouse, this cast iron meat grinder with a refined surface will chop pieces of beef, pork, chicken just when you need it to cook. hamburger patties, Italian meatballs or sausage stuffing. It has a four-blade knife, a perforated disc (4.5 mm) and a worm screw. > $ 99.99

Artisanal butter

Ten minutes on average are enough to transform approximately 300 ml of cream into butter, using this 1.6 liter La Bonne Graine manual churn. By agglomerating, by a mechanical movement, the small globules of fat contained in the cream, you will obtain butter and very fresh whey. > $ 99.50

Reduced fruits and vegetables

Reducing soft or cooked fruits and vegetables into purees or small pieces becomes child’s play with this OXO grinder equipped with three stainless steel discs intended for the preparation of fine, medium or coarse textures. Its non-slip feet will prevent the grinder from slipping during use, directly over a bowl or cauldron. For more comfort, the crank and the handle are made of rubber. > $ 79.97

Fresh coffee

When everyone is sleeping in the house, it is unthinkable to use the electric coffee grinder to then brew their morning hot drink. This is why it is preferable to have a plan B, which precisely offers this mill enthroned above a mason jar, made of glass, stainless steel and pewter. Finely ground coffee can stay chilled for days. > $ 19.99

Ground salt

Combining tradition and modernity, this salt mill from Peugeot’s Isen collection has an ergonomic handle and a patented grinding adjustment system, allowing effortless and precise grinding. It contains a high-performance and resistant steel mechanism, guaranteed without any time limit, while its u’select adjustment ring located at its base allows you to customize the fineness of the grind. The marriage of matte black beech wood, shiny metal and sober lines will make a splash on your table. > $ 75

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