Vaccines: the “cavalry is coming”, according to the American chief immunologist Fauci

American immunologist Anthony Fauci, scientific adviser to Donald Trump, said Thursday that the “cavalry is coming” in terms of vaccines against the new coronavirus, but asked the public not to let their guard down.

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A few days after the resounding announcement by the American Pfizer and the German BioNTech of a vaccine effective at 90%, Dr. Fauci, world expert in infectious diseases, affirmed that another vaccine “is literally on the verge of be announced ”.

Moderna, an American biotechnology company which is co-developing a vaccine with the American National Institutes of Health (NIH), has indeed indicated that it plans to file an application for authorization at the end of November with the Medicines Agency (FDA). urgently for his product.

“The cavalry is coming, but don’t let your guard down,” Dr Fauci warned during a video intervention for Chatham House think tank in London. “Help is coming, but they are not there yet,” he added, urging the public to wear the mask and wash their hands regularly.

The immunologist said future vaccines will also be made available to poorer countries, believing that no one should “live or die depending on where (he) was born”.

In early November, Anthony Fauci sharply criticized the US government for its strategy to deal with the resurgence of the virus, and President Donald Trump has since tried to sideline him. Last week, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon even called for the beheading of several federal bureaucrats, including Fauci, before being called to order by Twitter and Youtube.

But the immunologist has said he is ready to continue working for the government, as Democrat Joe Biden prepares to take over the US presidency in January.

According to him, the current pandemic reminds us of the need for international coordination in health matters, and leaders must “ensure that international structures such as the WHO are really strengthened”.

“It’s not a perfect organization, it has its flaws. But the world needs a world health organization, ”he insisted, while Joe Biden has already said that he was going to reverse his predecessor’s decision to bring out the States. United of WHO.

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