Two actors of The Good Doctor suffering from COVID-19

(Toronto) Star of the Series The Good Doctor (The good doctor), Freddie Highmore, says filming for the show is continuing in Vancouver, despite the COVID-19 diagnosis received by two of his co-stars, Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley.

Victoria ahearn
The Canadian Press

Richard Schiff wrote on his verified Twitter account this week that he has the coronavirus, just like Sheila Kelley, who is his wife in life and on the show.

He said he was tested positive on November 3 and that he and his wife had “the most bizarre week” of their lives.

The new season of the series takes into account the pandemic.

Sheila Kelley also mentioned her diagnosis on her verified Instagram account, noting that she and her husband are in quarantine at their Vancouver residence and their symptoms “change dramatically every day and even every hour.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment declined to comment on the diagnoses, but Freddie Highmore told The Canadian Press that filming is continuing for the show, which airs Mondays on ABC and CTV. The French version is presented on Tuesdays at TVA.

“We continue to shoot,” the lead actor said in an interview on Wednesday.

“Of course the most important thing is that we really hope that Richard and Sheila will recover quickly, and we all think of them. ”

Freddie Highmore stars as Dr Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with Autism and Scientist Syndrome.

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