Tramway: Geneviève Guilbault fights against her own voters

Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault is fighting against her own Louis-Hébert voters by proposing to cut the western section of the tramway project to better serve other sectors of Quebec, argues Liberal MP André Fortin.

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Liberal MP André Fortin

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Liberal MP André Fortin

“I’ve been here in the National Assembly for six years, I see deputies fighting for projects in their constituencies all the time. […] This is the first time that I see a deputy campaigning for the cancellation of a project in her own constituency, services for her own citizens, ”he said at a press briefing.

In its current form, the tramway project goes as far as Louis-Hébert county, represented by Geneviève Guilbault. However, the latter mentioned this week the abandonment of the section to the west in order to better serve other suburbs such as Lebourgneuf or D’Estimauville.

“There are people who bought residences [dans le comté de Louis-Hébert] by providing that the tramway would go to their homes, very close to their homes, and that they would have access to that service, said André Fortin. I have never seen that, a member of Parliament fighting against her citizens. “

On Wednesday, the director of the Project Office, Daniel Genest, argued that cutting the route of the tram in the west as suggested by Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault “does not make sense”. He mentioned in particular the high traffic expected in this sector.

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