“Too early to get involved and too early to close the door”, says Minister Roberge

The government is studying the possibility of extending the Christmas holiday for young people by two weeks, but is not officially embarking on this path.

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The Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge ensures that it is for the moment only a recommendation of public health.

“This is one of the options on the table, it is a public health decision, a recommendation that could be made to us, if the epidemiological situation does not improve”, he explained in an interview with LCN. .

He adds that if the number of cases eventually drops, then this option will become much less attractive.

The minister said if this decision were to be made, the government would make the announcement quickly to help parents prepare.

One thing is certain, if the holiday break is extended, there is a good chance the school year will be too.

“I do not want to give up school days, we know that the best place for our children is at school,” said the Minister.

He specifies that we must already make up for the delay accumulated during the closure last spring.


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